You want a ProGraphite Tiller from us! We started making them in 1996 and the originals are still going strong 20 years on! No one else on the market can claim to have such a reliable record.

Each tiller is made from a combination of uni-directional carbon fibres and woven carbon fibres prepregged with high strength epoxy resin. The ProGraphite tiller is high pressure moulded in a precision CNC machined aluminium tool. The materials and tooling used ensure constant reproduction of a high quality part.

Key Features

  • Rounded Box Section - for maximum stiffness and minimum deflection
  • Recessed Tip - to avoid the traveller cleat
  • Low Profile - so the traveller can be pulled on nice and tight to keep the leach tension tight and the power on

Since mid 2016 we have dispensed with the metal wear plate and replaced it with in-situ moulded carbon composite material which was trialed extensively with Nick Thompson during his 2015 and 2016 World Championship winning campaigns. It not only takes a few grams out of the weight of the tiller it has the added advantage of reducing the height of the tiller where the traveller crosses. This provides an opportunity for even more leach tension and power in the mainsail. 

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NiteStick Extensions

Our NiteStick tiller extensions are some of the most robust in the market. Using high strength carbon fibre and kevlar fibre provides a unique combination of strength, stiffness and high impact performance.

The choice of tiller extension is a very personal matter. That is why here at C2 Marine we have a wide range of lengths - from 600mm to 2500mm. 

Key Features

Grab-'n-Go Trapeze

Even the best single hander trapeze helms can struggle in a quick-fire tack to control the tiller and mainsheet while hooking on the trapeze in one sweet movement.

The Grab-'n- Go trapeze handle makes this manoeuvre so much easier for novice and expert alike. No more searching for the handle, going out on the wire at full stretch and then going through contortions to hook-on. The length of the Grab-'n-Go handle allows you to go out with your arm fully stretched and simply flick your wrist to engage the ring on the harness hook. Forget those slow tacks or worse still wet tacks and get yourself a Grab-'n-Go Handle. Ideal on Contenders, Musto Skiffs and the like

NEW ProGraphite Gold Tiller

During 2015 & 2016 several refinements were made to our standard tiller in our quest to give Nick Thompson a slight performance edge - read the story here. These refinements included: 

  • Use of intermediate modulus carbon fibre to improve the overall stiffness of the tiller
  • Bulking up the stock end of the tiller to allow the tiller to be individually tailored to lie as low as possible over the aftdeck-instructions on how to do this can be found on hints and tips page
  • Carbon wear strip replaces the original metal wear plate.

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