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Make your Laser Tiller Fit the Stock Perfectly

Fitting Instructions

Laser Boom Bolts

Laser Boom Bolts fitting: drill out rivets on lacing eye and mainsheet pulley block.  Extract plastic plug at end of boom.  Insert 10mm bolts from inside of boom and fix lacing eye with nyloc nuts.  Insert machine screws through plastic lacing from outside of boom and fix with nuts.  Cut notch in end plug (to slot around fixings) and push into end of boom .

Laser Mega Bolt

Laser Mega Rudder Bolt gets rid of the rudder wobble.  Throw away the tiddly bolt and plastic moulding.  Replace with our Laser MegaBolt and the wobble disappears

Laser Kicker Bolts

Laser Kicker Bolts fitting: drill out rivets on kicker strop.  Extract plastic plug at foot of mast.  Insert 10mm bolts from inside of boom.  You will need to have a small socket on a long extension bar to do this.  It is rather fiddly but can be done if you are patient.  Fix with nyloc nuts.  Refit end plug to end of boom and secure with pop rivets. 

Laser Wearite Discs

Laser Wearite Discs protect the mast foot-well from the heel of the mast as it oscillates in use - AND - gives a super low friction surface. Just drop in the mast footwell. 

Laser Carbo Discs

Simply drop a CarboDisc in the mast footwell before the mast.  CarboDisc will help minimise the wear in the footwell and provide a low friction surface for the mast to rotate


Laser Mega Gudgeon Screws

Ever had the rudder fall off the back of your boat when the screws pull out of the gudgeon mouding?  Well here’s the answer – mega gudgeon screws with screw head nearly 50% bigger than normal